INTEX®-CRP Card Test semi-quantitative


Measuring CRP levels is a recognized and established method for monitoring an inflammatory response. The concentration of CRP in blood is a very sensitive indicator. Due to the short reaction time and half-life, a change in inflammation reaction is indicated rapidly. CRP measurement is beneficial is relevant for blood sedimentation speed, particularly for children, since the required blood quantity is smaller, the test duration is shorter and the response to therapy can be observed more readily.


Test properties


  • Sandwich-Immunoassay

  • Reliable result in 5 minutes

  • Required blood volume: 5 μL

  • Measuring range: 10 – 200 mg/L

  • Detection limit: 5 mg/L

  • Semi-quantitative result with visual evaluation

  • Specimen: Capillary blood, EDTA blood or heparin blood

  • Consistency with other rapid tests: 90%

  • Sensitivity: 100%; Specificity: 94% (at 10 mg/L cut off)






Assay Procedure


1    Take 5 μL blood and dilute.



2    Apply 20 μL of the diluted blood onto the test field.

      Wait for a short time and apply another 20 μL.



3    Apply 1 drop of the gold conjugate solution.



4    Apply 1 drop of the washing buffer.



5    Read the result.




CRP-Levels for representative diseases:

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Article number: CRP3020

Content: 20 Test Cards


Article number: CRP3020

Content: 20 Test Cards